MS Office Solution’s business intelligence consulting services are instrumental in facilitating the execution of client organizations.We help our clients in selection of right tools to get best results as per the existing and future need of the client.

Our BI Consulting services include:

  • Business Process Optimization 
  • BI Tool Selection
  • Need Analysis
  • Road Map Creation
  • Requirement Mapping
  • Implementation

MS Office Solution’s business intelligence consulting services provide companies and organizations, with minimal risk and a excess of options when it comes to business intelligence solutions through open technology based BI platforms such as Pentaho, Hadoop and MongoDB.As part of our consulting practice we offer an optimization service which helps in bridging the gaps between the desired and existing state of Business Intelligence Implementation in an organization or company


Our BI services help organizations optimize their capabilities to hold various types of data and make it into something that business can use to make better and more informed choices.

Our Boxed Business Intelligence services include among others:

  • Tableau Services
  • Qlik Services
  • Klipfolio Services
  • Power BI Services
  • Google Data Studio Services

When companies require business intelligence implementation and consulting assistance they can look no further than MS Office Solution. Weoffer Business Analytics and Intelligence services that can help your business to make rapid growth & improve business performance with accurate information.

BI Assessment: Capture existing business needs, evaluate all aspects for business applications such as application process, technology, requirements & infrastructure, identify the problem and provide roadmap for its solution

Every organization needs top management for their smooth and progressive functioning. Appointing a CEO is not an easy task; it requires lot of time and energy to understand various factors to choose the best fit. One of our client is struggling in making a decision to hire the CEO for their multi-ventures. MS Office solution created a detailed dashboard to showcase the analysis on top 100 CEO’s from all over the world in different industry and domains.

We divided the entire solution into three parts:

  • First part is focused on overall ranking of CEO, companies they are associated with, average age & experience, gender etc.
  • Second slide showcase the list of top CEO’s all over the world along with their company & country details, to know the best industry serving in this field.
  • Last part talks about the change in market cap by company based on overall ranking of CEO.

Despite of having such critical information, the interface of the solution is so simple that it gives in-depth insights and helps the organization to take the right decision.

The dashboard has been created for one of the client using their data set to showcase national happiness of countries from various standpoints. The combination of metrics like economy, freedom, generosity, honesty, good governance etc. highlights the happiness score of a country. It’s an interactive and one-click solution that provides insights based on heat maps & bubble charts for different geography. We can filter the results and can see the real-time happiness score of each country in the range of 1 to 10.

These insights help to identify the most prominent area to be worked upon, in order to improve the overall growth and happiness index of a country. Norway is a very good example to showcase this, it was at 4th position in 2016 Word Happiness Report but in 2017 it has achieved top position in the list.So, we can use this report for trend analysis considering various metrics to penetrate on the most required area to improve the happiness score of a country.

  • Stakeholder expectations and Dashboard objectives
  • Business context and constraints
  • Tools and technology choices
  • Internal and external data sources
  • Envisaging outputs/dashboard
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • KPIs used in industry, best practices
  • Analyses and KPIs to address business problems
  • Stakeholder sign-off on KPIs
  • Refresh frequency decisions
  • Map data sources to target database
  • Data cleansing and consistency checks
  • Data transformations and KPI construction
  • Load data into the target database
  • Mock-ups and wireframes
  • Revise with stakeholders
  • Build dashboard prototype
  • Conduct User Acceptance Testing
  • Release dashboard and schedule for updates

Case Studies


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